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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cowl Time! (moo.)

(Click on images for a larger view!)

Off comes the old cowl. The old one was missing the windshield header.  Initially, I was going to use this cowl and do the repairs and replace the header.  I actually found a replacement and purchased it just for this purpose.  After securing the 2nd car, it was actually going to be easier replacing everything from the top of the frame up.  The cowl from car #2 was in much better shape.

Wow.  What a mess.  Notice the cowl was removed right above the top of the frame.  Now the frame can be marked where the old cowl was, and the remainder of the bottom of the cowl can be removed and cleaned up.  The bottom half of the front floor pans are still in the car at this point, but will soon be removed and replaced.

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