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Monday, December 27, 2010

Special parking/taillight assemblies

This taillight bucket represents the LAST hard part for the car that needs to be found, thus ending a 4+ year long search for parts.  Some new parts still need to be acquired, but that's much easier than trying to find the sometimes impossible, hard-to-find, forget-about-it-they're-not-out-there, type of parts.

I just happen to be having a phone conversation with another Hudson enthusiast, who lives across the country, when, as I typically do, asked out of the blue if he had one of these, and the RH side, no less.  Lo and behold, he just happened to have one sitting on his bench.

The 2nd pic shows the complete set for the taillights and the parking lights.

The unique feature of this collection is that Hudson used this particular set-up for the first few hundred cars off of the line in '52, and then switched from the stamped steel buckets and bezels, to a cast piece where the bezel is incorporated into the casting.

These are so rare that many a fellow Hudnut told me to give up the search about as soon as I had started.  One of those, " . . . they're just not out there anymore, and there wasn't many to begin with!"   Well, 4 years of searching paid off.

I particularly wanted to incorporate these, as my convertible was manufactured very early in the '52 Production Year, and very well might have had these originally.

A complete bonus is that every part pictured is NOS.

 Click on pic for larger images.

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