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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back to Blasting?

I noticed that in a previous blog, "Blasting Time!", the date was August of '09.  Being in business for myself has certainly taken it's toll on my hobby time, that's for sure.  Not like some things haven't been getting done, which they have, but bodywork has been pretty scarce since that post.

Regardless, I finally broke down and rented a blaster and compressor (big one) and started the blasting process. Unfortunately, humidity got the best of me today and I had to shut it down with about a 60% completion rate.  I'll have to wait for a less humid day to finish the rest of the body and all of the misc. parts.

Blasting a car usually reveals more sins than blessings, but I'm happy to say that I'm really pleased with the amount of hidden cancer that showed up, which was relatively minor.  About a dozen pinholes showed up on the top of the windshield header, but will be easily leaded back in.  The frame is still as pristine as I thought it was in the beginning;  no cancer there.

It was disappointing not to finish, but, hopefully, we'll have her in primer in the next few weeks.


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